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The Anka bird, which is believed to extinct a long time ago is called with different names in different cultures. The Latin name of this bird “phoenix”, which also exists in ancient Greek, is called “Anka” in Arabic. Because of the bird’s existence in many different cultures legends, it is believed to have lived and extinct in ancient eras.


The bird’s entity in various cultures for thousands of years, led many archeologists and historians accept Anka’s existence. Anka is believed to have lived in Ethiopia lands in Ancient Greek mythology. It is said that it has a long life and size of it is described as slightly bigger than an eagle. Even it is described differently in every culture, the common characteristics of the bird are as follows…  It has a flame red color, it has very bright neck feathers and it reborn from its ashes.   


According to the legends when Anka comes to the end of its long life it understands that it’s going to die and builds a nest for itself. After building the nest with the driest branches it covers the nest with a very interesting glue. Anka sits in its glue covered nest and wait it to be burned by the hot sun light. Anka’s burning with the nest is also the beginning of its rebirth. An egg appears in the ashes and Anka reborn. This rebirth finds acceptance as a resurrection symbol in various religious beliefs. 



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